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Friday Feature – Author Cassondra Windwalker



I’d like to thank Kat for this opportunity to connect with new readers. I’m Cassondra Windwalker, a dabbler in nearly every genre of writing so far who occasionally even manages to get something published. More to the point, I’m an avid reader myself who strongly believes that the dialogue between reader and writer, between bard and warrior, is what gives any word life. To that end, I’m also grateful to you for indulging me here for a moment.


Rilke said something about how the great duty of lovers is to guard one another’s solitudes. The great duty of writers is to find the words that bridge those solitudes, that allow one solitude to commune with another. The writer offers up her invisible parts in a mirror to the reader, who gazes into the glass and finds his own invisible parts there clearly shown. No matter the genre – science fiction, mystery, steampunk, literary fiction, poetry, romance, graphic novels – the stories that persist are the ones that work on unfolding human nature itself, that try to uncover what, if anything, defines the human apart from either the clay or the divine.


As a writer, then, the only parts of myself I’m interested in unveiling are the parts that my readers might find secretly familiar: in other words, all of them. I’m ruthless in the display, breathlessly tearing apart bone from sinew from flesh and laying them all bare to be adored or vilified or disregarded. What frightens people is that I am as swift to flay the flesh of others as well as my own, be they a passerby on a city sidewalk or a lover caught in stolen moonlight.


It’s not fair at all, but then, there’s nothing fair about love. Love for us mortals is about finding our being in something that we are doomed to lose. We can’t change the ending – it’s the same for all of us. So we have to make meaning in the chapters that we get to write. And I mean to write every chapter that I can, and make ink of all the blood I find.


My erotic work of magical realism, Parable of Pronouns, is available for sale now on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats and is free on Kindle Unlimited at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078RSGM2Y. My psychological thriller/political satire Bury The Lead will be released by Black Spot Publishing this September. You can reach me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CassondraWindwalkerWrites and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/WindwalkerWrite.


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