Here’s where I’ll share my fanfictions, whether or not they are complete or in-progress, and when they were last updated. I’ll have them separated out by fandom as well as an active link to each story. Enjoy!

The Hobbit

  1. Only in My Dreams – Finished

    They had made it through all the dangers of the quest only for the Line of Durin to fall in the Battle of Five Armies. When given the chance to fix it, even if it removes her from their lives, Bella Baggins jumps at the chance. Now all she has left are her memories of the quest, memories that the rest of the company have forgotten. But fate, it seems, is not quite done with Bella Baggins yet.

2. Only in My Dreams – Fili – In-progress (updated Feb. 12th)

Scenes from OIMD told from Fili’s perspective

3. Dealing with Dragons – Finished

When Bella sees Kili flirting with Tauriel, her heart breaks and she decides to face Smaug alone. Can the misunderstanding be cleared up before it’s too late?

4. Ereborian Justice – Finished

Although Erebor has been reclaimed and is currently being rebuilt, an attack on Bella shows that although Erebor has been reclaimed, law has not returned to the Lonely Mountain. But the line of Durin will not permit such travesties to go unanswered and justice will return to Erebor and the dwarven people once more

(Read the note at the beginning of the first chapter before reading)

5. Caravans – Finished

AU – What should be a simple body guarding caravan trip turns into one that is fraught with danger at every turn. Add in a gorgeous female childhood friend who’s clearly in love with a certain blond dwarf. Will Bella and Fili’s relationship survive or will the stress and danger simply prove to be too much?

6. Breaking Free – In-progress (updated April 13th)

Traumatized when her parents were killed during the Fell Winter, Dwobbit Billa Baggins hasn’t spoken a word since. Feeling isolated in the Shire, Gandalf offers her a way out. The only downside was the dragon waiting at the end. However, the chance for a new beginning and possibly a new family was too tempting to pass up. Now, here’s hoping that things would go smoothly.

7. Home is Where the Heart is – Finished

Having returned the Shire to fetch some of her belongings, Bella has to face some truths about her old life.

8. Female Bilbo One Shots – In-progress (updated Aug. 9th)

This is where I’ll put my one shots about Female Bilbo. The pairings will be with different dwarves, but never more than one dwarf. These are one shots that will most likely never become full stories. A little bit of everything. I will tag the relationship at the beginning of each chapter 🙂

A.K.A. ~ This is the place where I’ll be posting various one shots about female Bilbo because the plot bunnies will not leave me alone but they’re not quite big enough to develop into their own stories, like Only in My Dreams.

9. Hobbits, Herbs, and Happiness – Finished

Meant to be a simple outing to gather necessary herbs, Bella and Kili’s day ends up taking an unexpected turn. However, maybe the day wasn’t a total loss…

10. To Steal a Heart – In-progress (updated June 8th)

Nori finds his One when Bella opens the door to her smial. However, hobbits do not recognize their Ones in an instant like dwarves do, rather it is something that they grow into it over time. Thinking that she has rejected him, Nori still resolves to be the best possible friend that he can to her. On the other hand, Bella is deeply intrigued by the star haired thief that managed to bring so much color and humor into her life. Will Nori manage to steal her heart entirely before they reach the Lonely Mountain or will the quest tear them apart forever.

11. The Lady and the Scribe – In-progress (updated June 9th)

Set after BOTFA, the courtship of the dwarven scribe Ori of the line of Ri and the Lady Belladonna Baggins of the Shire.

12. Fools Rush In – Finished

Thorin decides that facing Azog alone after Goblin town is a good idea. Bella has a few choice things to say about it afterwards.

13. Why Hobbits Eat So Much – Finished

Have you ever seen the treasury of Erebor? Bilbo has and he knows that it will take a miracle to find a single gemstone (Fine, Thorin, the king’s jewel), in all of this mess. What’s a hobbit to do? Why sort it, of course.

14. The Heart Sees What the Eyes Can’t – In-progress (updated June 26th)

Being in love is hard sometimes, being in possibly unrequited love is even harder. Bella and Kili confide in each other about their Ones and whether or not they should actually risk everything for love.

15. The Gift of Caring – In-progress (updated June 30th)

For the prompt:

Any fandom!Character A is sick (with what, you can choose. It can be anything from just a really bad cold to something deadly). Character B (and more, use as many people as you want) needs to take care of them.

It seemed to be made for Nori/Bella

16. To Mend a Heart – In-progress (updated July 4th)

Heartbroken at being exiled, Bella leaves to destroy the One Ring. However, her heart is not the only one broken that day. When she returns to Erebor, will she be able to pick up the pieces or are some things simply too broken to fix

17. A Courtship Most Confusing – In-progress (updated July 17th)

Although Bella is in love with Fili, she knows that he will never actually love her in return. All she wants to do is focus on her work, for who would want to court a hobbit spinster anyway? However, Kili only wants his adoptive sister’s happiness, so he decides to find someone worthy of courting Bella. What could possibly go wrong?

18. Hidden Truths – In-progress (updated Aug. 28th)

Captured by orcs during the Fell Winter, Bella Baggins has spent years disguising herself as a simple hobbit lad named Bilbo. Frerin had been captured during the battle of Azanulbizar, not killed as his kin believed. Thrown together in the harshest of conditions, they had managed to become a family. So when the chance finally came to escape, they took it with both hands.

However, even though they are free, they are soon drawn into something much larger than just themselves. The impossible task of reclaiming Erebor.

Will the quest be successful or is it doomed from the start? They need a home, but possibly much more will be found along the way, family and maybe even love.

19. In the Dark – In-progress (updated Aug. 26th)

After the Battle, Bella is taken into custody and imprisoned for life in the dungeons of Erebor for her crimes against Thorin Oakenshield. However, the company doesn’t even know that she’s alive, believing that she fell on the field of battle before they could make amends. Will the truth come out or will she forever be lost to them in the depths of Erebor

Rurouni Kenshin

  1. Twenty – Finished

    When Kaoru’s 20th birthday arrives and Kenshin has still not proposed, Kaoru has to decide whether to keep hoping for his love or give up and move on with her life.

2. Healing – Finished

AU When Tomoe is kidnapped, Kaoru is severely injured and the Kenshin-gumi have to face the very real possibility of losing her. How will the group deal with this daunting situation?