2018 A to Z challenge

Q is for Quiet

We live in a noisy, thriving world. It is proof that life is always around us. Whether it is the city or the country, there is always noise. In fact, there is nothing more unnerving then total silence. I’ve only experienced it a few times in my life and thankfully it has only lasted for a few moments. It usually happens at night, when everyone is sleeping. The lights are off, everyone is sleeping, and even the wind has died away. The silence is deep enough to wake you up and you lay there, straining to hear something, anything. Then the refrigerator kicks on and its familiar hum is soothing, allowing you to sleep back into sleep.




So how do you tune out all the distractions so that you can concentrate and write? Oftentimes, it’s too noisy to write, other times, it’s too quiet. For me, I use music to write to. It helps block out environmental noise so I can concentrate, but it’s not so quiet that I start focusing around me to see what’s wrong. (I grew up with three brothers, the only time the house was quiet was when they were sleeping or planning something. They often wondered how mom caught onto their schemes, but when it grew quiet she knew that they were up to no good, lol.) I tend to go with songs that I know well, they are enough to keep me centered in my writing but I’m not distracted trying to figure out what they lyrics are or who the artist is.


I also use music to help me when I’m writing. I have songs that fit perfectly with certain characters, so I play those when I have to get into their personality. I have playlists with sad songs, upbeat songs, suspenseful songs, so whatever emotion I need to capture can be evoked by listening to them.



So what are your feelings on quiet?

10 thoughts on “Q is for Quiet”

  1. I hate quiet! Well, unless I am actively reading a lot like back in school or for my job. However, for everything else I need noise. I write to music, podcasts, or garbage television. I need the white noise of a fan while I sleep. I need music or television while I work out. I always seem to need sound.

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  2. I love quiet and solitude…at times. But for writing, I enjoy a mix of things. If hubby is busy elsewhere, I put nonsense movies on the tv, lower the volume and write away. If he is watching something, I dig out the headphones and put on my writing playlist. That said, my first two books were written 90% at a McDonald’s where I easily tuned out distractions between breaks to study people. LOL!

    Donna B McNicol, author & traveler
    Romance & Mystery…writing my life
    A-Z Flash Fiction Tales: http://dbmcnicol.blogspot.com
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  3. I love being quite and a quite atmosphere. It really does magic. I don’t like any disturbance when I am doing my passion. It could be anything from cooking to writing. Music is something that keeps me energetic. My brother is 9yrs younger. So by the time he started being naughty I grew up.

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  4. I find my quiet in the early morning. I get up an hour or so before the kids and have my coffee and I either read, writing, or try to catch up on my blog. It is also a quiet time in the neighbourhood because most of my neighbours are still asleep so there are no barking dogs, no car doors slamming… Quiet


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  5. I love quiet – a little bird song or gentle music of a windchime is probably as distracted as I want to be when I’m working.

    I love the idea that you play music you associate with your characters when you write – I think this is brilliant and fun!

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