On this blog, I use three words to describe myself: Dreamer, Author, and Gatekeeper. Now while the first two are pretty self explanatory, I want to expound a little bit on the third one. Gatekeeper.

According to Merriam-Webster, there are two definitions of gatekeeper:

1. One that tends or guards a gate

2. A person that controls access


I’m going to skip past the first one and focus solely on the second definition. Because my stories begin in my head (and as far as I know, mind reading is still a hit and miss science), I control sole access to them. However, did you ever find something so neat as a kid that you just had to run and tell someone, your sibling, your mom, your best friend? That’s how I feel about these stories. These stories, worlds, characters are so fascinating that I can’t wait to share them with someone.

Now, when I say gatekeeper, many people look at me oddly and I imagine that they are picturing something like this:


An odd individual who delights in keeping people out, in having the power to deny access unless they have the secret code or password (or in this case, ruby slippers).

However, that’s not how I picture it. In my mind, I am more like Heimdall from Thor.



I give people access to worlds that they couldn’t otherwise access via the bifrost (a.k.a. the written word) while guarding against all threats (Horrible plot lines and flat characters). Also, from my post, I can see many worlds, not just one.


So tell me, what are you the gatekeeper of?

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